If you need to upgrade or replace existing equipment, Financial Applications Corp. supplies a wide variety of bank equipment, including, but not limited to:

– Hyosung Bank ATM’s
– ASD-8 Anti-Skimming Kits for ATM Card Readers
– Concept Unlimited full line of ATM Kiosks and panel surrounds
– DMP Integrated On-line Security Systems
– Bosch Burglary and Fire Alarm Systems
– Firelite Fire Alarms
– Alarm Lock Trilogy Stand Alone Electronic Locks
– International Vault Modular Vaults
– SSE/Collier Safe Corp. Safes, Vaults, boxes, and night depositories
– OpenEye Enterprise Digital and Network Video Recorders
– Samsung Digital Video Recorders and Cameras.
– Arecont Vision IP cameras
– EF Bavis  Drive-up equipment
– Comco Lobby Teller and Modular Systems
– Magner Coin and Currency sorting, counting, & batching equipment
– Kaba Mas Electronic Combinations
– Fenco Under counter Equipment
– Phoenix Safe Insulated files and safes
– IsoTech Weapon Sensing Bullet Resistant Entry Portals

Information Technology Requirements
FAC uses leading edge technology computer systems based on the Microsoft Windows 7 platform with software including:  Microsoft Server 2008 & eAutomate Enterprise for service calls, dispatching, inventory control, and invoicing.

Parts Inventory Requirements
FAC maintains over  $1,500,000.00 in inventory of equipment and parts, and will work with each customer  to determine if any adjustment in the level of Emergency parts and equipment would be necessary to be able to provide optimum service response.

Contingency Plan
As FAC is currently doing about $3,000,000.00 per year in bank equipment service, we already have a strong relationship with all manufacturers and manufacturers of many after market parts.

Service Technicians
FAC currently has over 30 service technicians.  Our service technicians have many years of experience with all the major manufacturers of banking equipment.  We continue our training and education through our own factory training courses for independent manufacturers of banking equipment.  A list of technician’s names, experience, and certification will be made available upon request.

We understand the security and banking industry design.  We use the latest equipment to design the most secure and functional system for your bank.  Each application is unique and therefore requires special attention that Financial Applications can provide.

We have a field staff of trained experts that will take your project from start to finish.  We pride ourselves on turnkey projects, which makes Financial Applications a clear leader in the industry, which typically separates equipment from installation.

Financial Applications Corp.  has built its reputation over the years by providing the financial industry with uncompromising quality in service to our customers.  We provide regularly scheduled ongoing services on a contractual basis for all types of bank equipment.

Thank you for visiting our website.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.