ATM Anti-Skim

Anti-SkimWhat is Skimming?

Skimming devices are those that illegally record personal identification and financial information from the magnetic stripe of credit and debit cards. These devices include skimmer card readers and even hidden ATM cameras!
• They generate $1 trillion cash transactions annually.
• $500,000,000 of this cash is obtained fraudulently by ATM Skimmers every year!

How ECS 4-in-1 Detect WorksACG ECS Anti-Skim

ECS 4-in-1 is truly a unique ATM anti-skim solution for dip card readers, as it offers a combination of detection and jamming protection. ECS 4-in-1 protects ATM users against skimming attacks through sensing technology. It also provides a shield of skimming protection by creating random, disturbing frequencies that scramble skimmers (jamming). Therefore, ECS 4-in-1 can detect the physical installation of skimming devices while simultaneously deactivating them. Additionally, ECS 4-in-1 includes monitoring, communication and data logging functionalities.

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