American Vault

american vaultAmerican Vault Corp. is located in Waco Texas. They are a full line manufacturer of Drive-in and Burglary resistant equipment. Their products are recognized or listed by Underwriters Laboratories for Electrical Safety, Bullet resistance and Burglary resistance american vault productsas it applies to each product. American Vault was started to fill the need for quality workmanship, better serviceability, and product availability. Today, American Vault Products are known for their quality, reliability and availability and they are committed to maintaining high standards for their customers. They have a 180,000 sq.ft. facility that houses Administration, american vault safeEngineering, Manufacturing, and Assembly operations. They have in-house sheet metal, welding, and machine shops, They have a dedicated clean area for assembly and testing of electronic components and dedicated assembly areas that allow each product to be assembled and tested before it is shipped. American Vault products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

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